North Lanarkshire's

premier bin

cleaning company

about us

about us

We are Platinum Bin Cleaning Ltd. Platinum Bin Cleaning Ltd is North Lanarkshire's premier bin cleaning company. We have been around for just 4 years now but we already cover a large amount of the South East of Scotland whilst still remaining local enough for you to pick up the phone and have a chat to us about your service!

We have a large customer base in North Lanarkshire but we are rapidly expanding our service area. If you think that we may be able to be of service in another area of Scotland or the UK then please get in touch via our contact page where we will be happy to advise you.

Our wheelie bin cleaning service is provided by friendly and local staff who are always happy to help and are devoted to providing a great quality service that you'll be happy to use again. If you're representing a commercial organisation or have a lot of bins that need cleaning, please get in touch with us and we'll be able to come up with a tailor made package to suit your needs.

Our service

Cleaning Process

The main service that we provide is wheelie bin cleaning, making sure that your bins are looking as smart as the rest of your property. It's not a glamorous job but someone's got to do it, and trust us when we say that you'll notice the difference afterwards!

Step 1

First thing we do is remove all leftover rubbish
from the bin.

step 2

Then the bin is washed thoroughly until
it's spotless.

step 3

Finally, the bin is then disinfected, leaving it fresh, clean and germ free.

We only use approved eco-friendly chemicals when performing our washing and disinfecting service. These chemicals give your wheelie bin a deep clean, killing harmful bacteria, leaving a fresh smell, without harming the environment.

our prices

Please email/call for a quote as prices now vary in different areas.  

Payment in cash will be collected each fortnight in the evening of the day on which the general waste bin is washed.

We are always looking to expand our services and will soon be able to clean different styles of bin in your area.

area covered

areas covered

Platinum Bin Cleaning operate for a large customer base in North Lanarkshire. We have tried to list the areas we cover accurately but due to the rate at which our service areas are growing we may not have listed them all. If you think your area should be on the list or would like to enquire about whether we can service your area then please get in touch

  • The Rushes

  • Thrash Bush

  • Holehills

  • Burnfoot

  • Whinhall

  • Airdrie

  • Cairnhall

  • Clarkston

  • Gartlea

  • Petersburn

  • Craigneuk

  • Chapelhall

  • Glenmavis

  • Brownsburn

  • New Stevenson

  • Greengairs

  • Newarthill

  • Holytown

  • Motherwell

contact us

contact us

Please call us on  0141 354 1357  or email us using the form below.

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